Exchange and return of goods

1. Exchange and return of goods

1.1. Characteristics of the goods sold in the Online Store shall be specified in the description provided at each goods item.

1.2. Photographs of the goods provided in the Online Store may not represent the actual appearance, colour, completion or shape of the goods. Information in goods’ description is of general nature, therefore, it may not coincide with that provided on the goods’ packaging.

1.3. The Seller is not responsible for discrepancies between the colour, shape or other parameters of the goods in the Online Store and the actual goods’ characteristics due to the properties of the monitor used by the Buyer or for other technical reasons and having regard to possible reasonable discrepancies in appearance. If the discrepancy of colour, size or shape is caused by actions of the Seller or a third party related to the Seller, the Seller shall be responsible for such discrepancy.

1.4. Where the Seller does not provide a warranty of quality to certain types of goods, statutory warranty shall apply.

1.5. In cases where an expiry date has been set for certain goods in legal acts, the Seller shall sell such goods to the Buyer in such a way that the Buyer has the opportunity to use the goods prior to such expiry date.

1.6. The Buyer shall have the right to return the goods ordered/bought in the Online Store by renouncing the sale and purchase contract. In order to exercise this right the Buyer shall notify the renouncement to the Seller no later than within 14 (fourteen) days after acceptance of the goods by writing to the Seller‘s email address, completing the Contract Renouncement Form, and transferring the goods to the Seller together with a document proving purchase (purchase receipt and/or tax invoice).

1.7. The Buyer shall not be entitled to renounce the sale and purchase contract and return goods of good quality to the Seller in the following cases:

1.7.1. The set goods return time limit has expired;

1.7.2. The item has been in use, is damaged, has lost its saleable appearance, its packaging is damaged, or the item returned is not complete.

1.8. Where an item of poor quality is returned, the Seller shall replace it with analogous goods. In case if the Seller does not have analogous goods, the money paid by the Buyer shall be refunded within 72 (seventy two) hours. Defects shall be corrected or goods shall be replace in accordance with provisions of the Lithuanian law.

1.9. Goods may be transferred/returned to the Seller by post, via courier or in the store in which they had been collected.

1.10. In the cases of return of the goods permitted by the Rules the money shall be refunded to the Buyer within 14 (fourteen) days after the goods return date by a transfer to the payer‘s bank account.

1.11. If the Buyer has selected a goods delivery method which incurs an additional service charge, the Seller shall have to deduct the delivery costs from the refund payable to the Buyer.

1.12. Should there be a price difference in the case of goods exchange, the Buyer shall pay the difference to the Seller if any.


2.1. Section 7 of the Rules shall apply to the acquisition of an extended warranty. The service is provided by Servisas Plius UAB (SP). The description and price of the services are provided in the Extended Warranty Certificate (EWC) that the Buyer receives in an electronic and/or paper format and which forms an integral part of the Rules.

2.2. Responsibilities of SP as the service provider:

2.2.1. Pay for repairs of the goods item during the term of validity of the EWC;

2.2.2. Correct any mechanical and electrical defects of the item that are covered by the manufacturer‘s warranty provided that the defects arose while using the item according to the instructions. SP shall pay for the said repairs only according to the factory configuration. Costs of the work and spare parts necessary for maintaining functionality of the item covered by the warranty shall be paid for;

2.2.3. If the item had been repaired three time and still repairs are needed, SP may replace the item. The price of the new item shall not exceed the price of the goods being exchanged. Replaced spare parts may be new or repaired and may cost less than the original ones. On replacement of the item with an item of the same type and quality, SP shall be deemed to have fulfilled its obligations under the Rules and the extended warranty contract shall be deemed to have been performed. The replaced goods shall be covered by a valid manufacturer‘s guarantee;

2.2.4. Only those defects which have been registered shall be corrected. The repaired item shall be delivered to the Buyer free of charge;

2.2.5. If the item is returned to the Seller after the factory warranty servicing, SP shall refund the full cost of the EWC at the Buyer‘s request.

2.3. Important information for the Buyer:

2.3.1. The EWC shall only be valid in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania;

2.3.2. The Buyer shall deliver the faulty item or send it to the service centre specified at registration (postage prepaid and parcel insured). The item shall be sent in its original packaging or shall be duly packed so that it is not damaged during transportation, otherwise the item will not be accepted for repairs. The item shall be accompanied by a brief description of the fault, a document proving purchase (invoice or hire-purchase agreement), and manufacturer‘s warranty – original copy (the goods purchase date must be clearly visible and be the same as the purchase date specified in the agreement; serial number must coincide with the serial number in the warranty document);

2.3.3. In case of replacement of the item, SP shall be informed, no later than within 10 days after the replacement date, via email to or by calling on No 8 69982000 specifying the manufacturer, model and serial No of the new item;

2.3.4. A faulty item shall be delivered to a warranty service centre specified by SP. After the EWC takes effect, the item shall not be accepted for warranty repairs in the store of purchase unless SP operator has so instructed;

2.3.5. The Buyer shall retain all necessary information contained in the item before delivering the item for repairs. SP shall not be responsible for the loss of data in the item during repairs;

2.3.6. The Buyer may terminate the agreement by notifying SP or returning the original copy of the agreement to the Seller within 14 days after the acquisition of EWC and signature of the agreement;

2.3.7. Where repairs are needed for an item of large dimensions, the Buyer mat request that a repairman arrives to the Buyer‘s home;

2.3.8. If spare parts are not available to SP, the Buyer may acquire requisite spare parts from a third party. Such acquisition costs shall be compensated to the Buyer subject to presentation of a purchase document.

2.4. Other terms and conditions:

2.4.1. The EWC shall take effect immediately on expiry of the manufacturer‘s warranty and shall remain in effect until the date specified in the EWC;

2.4.2. Losses shall not be compensated and faults shall not be corrected in the following cases: serial number discrepancy or missing serial number; incorrect connection of components; arbitrary repairs or modification, or repairs in a service centre other than the one specified by SP; use of non-original printer ink cartridges; use of wrong power supply; power failure; dropping the item; damage during transportation; damage to the casing; theft, abuse or improper use, lack of care, vandalism, damage caused by animals or insects, environmental impacts (fire, flood, corrosion, sand, mud, storm, hail, earthquake, other natural disasters); software and related problems; loss of components not covered by manufacturer‘s warranty; data reception and transmission problems due to external reasons; recalling or remaking of products by the manufacturer irrespective of opportunities for payment by the manufacturer; goods such as electric bulbs, filters, batteries, toners, belts, drums, developers and ink cartridges; removal/reinstallation of internal components made in a service centre other than the one authorised by the manufacturer; cosmetic parts and parts of the casing; cables, wires and connectors; component/components that have never been covered by the manufacturer‘s warranty; deformation and rusting;

2.4.3. Labour costs, material costs or other costs related to loss of data contained in the item being repaired;

2.4.4. SP reserves the right not to approve the registration. In such a case SP shall refund the EWC cost;

2.4.5. SP reserves the right to replace the faulty item with an item of similar type and quality even if the item has become faulty for the first time;

2.4.6. SP reserves the right to refuse to fulfil its obligations in respect of the goods that were used for commercial purposes and goods that were used beyond the territory of the Republic of Lithuania;

2.4.7. SP shall not be liable, in any circumstances, for any direct or indirect losses (including loss of profit, termination of business, loss of data etc.) even if SP had been warned about a possibility of such loss.

2.4.8. SP shall not be liable for any damage to be paid for or rectified by the manufacturer;

2.4.9. SP shall not be liable, in any circumstances, for the Seller‘s obligations to the Buyer.